Terms and conditions

  1. Pro Photo Forum is a place for people who offer professional photographic services in different categories or people who are looking for such services.

  2. To become a member of Pro Photo Forum simply use our Sign Up form to register. Please provide your real name and surname, phone number and the rest info. If you are a photographer we suggest you not to use nicknames, but your real name, the people who are looking at your photos will want to know who is the real name behind.

    2.1. Every photographer can have only one account. You may use your existing registration from Photo Forum (https://photo-forum.net), with the same username and password. When you first log in into Pro Photo Forum the system will ask you if you are a photographer or a client. By choosing one or the other option depends whether or not you will be given a full-featured profile with the option of uploading photos or not.

    2.2. After registration, Pro Photo Forum Administrator will approve that your account is correctly filled in and contains the minimum information that is required to make your profile visible on the site.

  3. What kind of photos can be uploaded to the Pro Photo Forum?

    3.1. You can not upload photos on the site, that you are not the author. Such action would mislead your future clients and will not be tolerated by platform’s administrations.

    3.2. Everybody enjoy checking out beautiful shots in high quality, this is why we recommend you to upload photos with resolution of 1920x1080 pixels and above or at least one of the sizes to reach those pixels on their long side.

    3.3. You can upload:
    - 30 photos in each active category after registration or category activation.
    - 3 photos per week for category. This quota is renewed for each calendar week. If you have an active Pro subscription you can upload 10 photos per week for category.
    - 300 maximum number of photos in category. With an active Pro subscription there is no limit.
    - 1 photo story per month. With an active Pro subscription the limit is 4 photo stories per month.
    - 4 maximum photo stories. With an active Pro subscription there is no limit.

    3.4. You can upload images in only one category chosen. The choice is made in Account Edit and can not be changed later.
    When you choose the category you must add a price information. Note that for some categories the price is per hour, but for others is minimum price for order.

    Important! If you want to upload photos in more than one category , check the Terms of the Paid Pro subscription.

    3.5. You can not upload collages, diptychs, triptychs or pictures that contain parts of other images, that you are not the author.

    3.6. You can not upload photos from workshops or events for which another person has organized the session.

    3.7. You can not upload photos contrary to European legislation, Internet ethics, containing pornography, threats to life and human integrity, calling for violence and racial, ethnic and religious enmity, violating the rights and legitimate interests of third parties, materials containing commercial or business secrets or other confidential information, materials that are the subject of copyright to third parties, and materials containing false information or defamation. In such cases, administrators have the right to delete the materials and provide the affected party with information on the offender on the site and to disable the offender’s profile without warning.

  4. Rights

    Pro Photo Forum is not the owner of the rights of the photos uploaded on the site. Photographers upload their photos willingly and by that they declare that the photos are their property and have all the rights to them. If you want to use some photos from Pro Photo Forum, please ask permission from their owner first. If you notice any violations, you can alert us on the email or phone left on the contact page.

  5. How to use Pro Photo Forum

    Pro Photo Forum can be used completely free of charge by photographers and people who are looking for photographic services. Only account upgrade services, additional tools and features, as well as advertising, are paid.

  6. Pro Photo Forum offers various subscription plans for photographers, you can find them in your profile in “Join the Pro club”menu.

  7. How is the rating of each photographer calculated?

    Your rating depends on many parameters:
    - recency of your photos
    - quantity of photos and photo stories
    - response time for personal messages
    - periodicity of adding content to your account
    - distinctions received from participation with quality photography on the site, including photos included in “Editor’s choice”
    - parameters of your participation in Photo Forum, such as participation in competitions, exhibitions, uploading of quality photos, writing useful comments.

  8. Literate writing on the site is recommended, both in filling in the information in your acount and writing comments. Extremely fraudulent and illiterate texts will be removed. Pro Photo Forum is multilingual site and you can choose the language in which you write comments or other texts. We recommend you to try to comply with your clients. For example, if you live in Rousse, Bulgaria, it is possible you to be found by a customer from Bucharest, Romania, but he must be able to understand your profile and information.

  9. By registering at Pro Photo Forum you automatically agree to the general terms and conditions for using the site. You guarantee that you own the photos you upload in your account. You are responsible for all the content you post on the site.

  10. Personal messages may not be used for advertising or commercial purposes, nor for advertising and voting for own photos or photos of another user.